Summer Living and Introduction

Hi everyone,

Now that I'm done with school, I'm planning on spending the next five to ten years working abroad and traveling. My plan for this blog is to document and share my life abroad, my travels, and my quest for good dessert and pastry. During the next two years I’ll be living in China mostly, but hopefully with little stays in Japan and maybe India too. I just graduated and managed to get a job n Shanghai starting this fall (near where I lived during my junior year), and since my boyfriend will be in Japan, and most of my mum’s family still live in India, I’ll be visiting those places as well!

I’m going all-out, with a YouTube vlog, a Twitter account, and Facebook page, maybe a Pinterest and Instagram too. This is so I can really tap into the blogger/internet community and hopefully get in touch with other travelers, foodies, and fellow third culture kids.

My Summer

I just finished college last month, and for the summer I'm working part-time at an artisan ice creamery in Vermont. Since they do a really cool fusion of French-style ice cream and gelato, I'm super stoked to learn how they make their custard base, and how they infuse flavors. Some of their less-traditional flavors include Orange Cardamom, Curried Peanut, and Chocolate Ginger Caramel (yay for South Asian-inspired flavors!).

I'm originally from a small city on the West Coast, so right after graduation I went home for two weeks, and on my way back to Vermont, I stopped in California to see my boyfriend and a mutual friend in Monterey. I'll put up some pics for you guys later of the awesome little bakery we went to.

Future Plans

I won't actually be leaving for China until August 7th, but between now and then I'll most likely take a weekend trip to DC (visa stuff) where I'll track down at least one good dessert shop, and after that I'll have a few weeks left to tell you all about the ice cream I'm making, and visit a few Vermont bakeries as well. I'll keep you guys posted.