Lulu Artisan Ice Cream + Rural Vermont

The Vermont countryside (check out my YouTube video for MUCH better views). This is my bus ride to work!

Inside Lulu!

So far I've made a salted bourbon caramel sauce (above), to become a swirl in some ice cream later today. I also made some brownies, and ran the churning machine for an hour, cleaning it in between batches. In that time it churned out a total of two small tubs of basil ice cream, and one tub of maple bourbon.

Besides doing prep work in the kitchen, I also work at the scoop shop. Here are yesterday's flavors! Lulu uses only local ingredients whenever possible, and for everything else they use organic. As an employee I get unlimited samples (so do the customers, actually), so of course I've "quality-checked" all the flavors on the list up there ;). My favorite was Slumdog Millionaire, and I'm not sure I approve of the name, but the flavor is AWESOME. It's a creamy sweet peanut butter base, with a kick of curry spices and some heat at the end. It's addicting. 

Check out my video if you want to see more of the shop, and see some much better quality views of the picturesque Vermont countryside.

I'll keep you guys updated on any tips I learn on making ice cream at home, on infusing flavors, and of course any cool flavor combinations I get to taste.

Here's the Lulu website: luluvt.com