Mirabelles Cafe - Back for Seconds

Well, I ended up taking another day trip to Burlington, this time on a Saturday. Turns out I should've shown you guys footage of a Saturday the first time, it's so much more alive and bustling, with street performers, live music, food carts, and cute doggies everywhere you look. I even found a space drum performer, which just shows how cool Burlington is.

Here's the space drum performance. Space drums make really beautiful music, check out my video from this trip to hear it.

Here are the treats I picked at Mirabelles: a raspberry pistachio eclair, and strawberry napoleon, and a mini opera cake. The eclair had a little bit of raspberry custard, a whole lot of barely-pistachio flavored chantilly cream, and a single raspberry. From what I've heard, eclairs (and anything else using choux puff) should be eaten as soon as they're made, or should only be filled upon order, otherwise they get soft. This one was not filled to order, and even though it had good fillings and tasted good overall, the choux puff was pretty meh. The opera cake siting next to it was heavy on the buttercream, but for all I know, that's how it's supposed to be. If you like coffee and chocolate, you'll like opera cake a lot. The napoleon's puff pastry layers were just underbaked enough that, instead of easily flaking them apart, I spent an embarrassing amount of time hacking at them with my plastic knife and fork, to the great amusement of the lady sitting next to me. It's also possible they weren't underbaked, and instead just lost their crisp from sitting too long with the fillings already applied. You all should remember, though, that I am great at being snobby about pastry, so even if I'm pointing out all the imperfections, please realize that these were still pretty darn good desserts.

What are your experiences with eclairs, opera cake, and napoleons? Know of anywhere that makes really good ones? Have you heard space drum music before? Comment down below and let me know!